China’s renewable energy industry ranks first in the world for job creation

International Business News – According to the “Tribune” report on September 22, a recent report jointly released by the International Renewable Energy Agency and the International Labour Organization showed that by the end of last year, a total of 12.7 million jobs had been created in the global renewable energy sector, an increase of 70% compared with 10 years ago. Among them, China accounted for 42%, the EU and Brazil each accounted for 10%, and the United States and India each accounted for 7%.

A total of 700,000 jobs will be added in this field globally in 2021, with two-thirds of the new jobs in Asia.

According to data released by the non-governmental organization Climate Group, among the G20 member countries, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and China are in the leading position in the field of renewable energy.