China-Myanmar-Indian Ocean new channel sea-highway-railway combined freight volume exceeds 10,000 tons

International Business News  –  It is reported that since the opening of the new China-Myanmar Indian Ocean Channel (Yangon-Lincang-Chengdu), 14 batches of sea-highway-railway combined transportation have been launched for one year, with a total of about 10,500 tons of goods transported, with a value of nearly 200 million yuan.

Lincang City, Yunnan Province is located in the southwestern border of China and is the closest land passage between China and the Indian Ocean. In August 2021, the new China-Myanmar Indian Ocean Channel will be trialed and the first container will be shipped from Singapore. After arriving at Yangon Port, Myanmar, it will enter China from Lincang Qingshuihe Port by road transportation, and then arrive at Chengdu International Railway Port by special railway train. The “ice-breaking journey” of China-Myanmar third-country transit trade transit transportation has achieved a “zero” breakthrough in container transportation.

Zhang Zhizheng, secretary of the Lincang Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, introduced that at present, Lincang has realized that goods from third countries have been transported to China through Myanmar through the “sea, highway and railway” intermodal train, and Myanmar goods have been transported to China, China and Myanmar through the “road and rail” intermodal train. The first cross-border RMB settlement business at the border and the export of Myanmar silage corn feed to China have made major breakthroughs. The Lincang Border Economic Cooperation Zone has been approved as a national-level border cooperation zone and its construction has been accelerated. The construction of the Gunong Bridge project in Myanmar has started, and four commercial representative offices have been established in Myanmar. Cooperation in humanitarian aid and other fields has been further strengthened.

Since 2022, the Myanmar-Lincang-Deyang “highway-railway” intermodal train, the China-Myanmar-Indian Ocean new channel road-rail intermodal train “Sanxingduihao”, and the Chongqing-Lincang-Myanmar Mandalay international train have been opened one after another, realizing the integration with China and Europe. The full docking of the train, the Manchurian train and the golden waterway of the Yangtze River. The border Lincang has changed from the “open end” to an open front full of vigor and vitality.

In order to further promote the construction of the new channel between China, Myanmar and the Indian Ocean, we will make every effort to build Lincang into an important hub and platform on China’s opening to South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean region. In recent years, Lincang has made every effort to promote railways, highways and airports. The comprehensive transportation infrastructure construction will lay a solid foundation for the new China-Myanmar-Indian Ocean passage.

In the next step, Lincang will focus on the two-way transportation of 10,000 standard containers and make every effort to promote the normalization and scale of the new China-Myanmar-Indian Ocean passage. At the same time, actively connect with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), promote the integration of the new China-Myanmar Indian Ocean corridor into the new international land-sea trade corridor, the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor and other strategies, and promote China-Myanmar cross-border land transportation cooperation and the expansion of land ports. Bilateral cooperation agreements (memorandums) such as international ports and financial cooperation with a focus on currency swaps will help the new China-Myanmar Indian Ocean channel to be smoother, smoother and more convenient.