Malaysian East Coast’s largest port digital information level upgrade

International Business News  –  Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group  introduced on July 7th that the Malaysian Kuantan Port, which participated in operation, has been fully launched to use MTOS (multi -functional terminal production operation system), SAP (comprehensive administrative management system), and comprehensive administrative management system IJM collaborative work platform and other information management systems, the port digitalization and information level are up to the level.

Kuantan Port is the largest and most dynamic port on the east coast of Malaysia. Since the entry into Kuantan Port in 2013, the Beibu Gulf Port Group has accelerated the upgrade of the port with Malaysian partners.

Since 2022, the unmanned (automatic) weighbridge, security access control (vehicle) cargo entry and exit card and inspection electronic recorder have been tested and officially opened in Kuantan Port, Malaysia.

It is reported that after the completion and operation of the unmanned (automatic) weighbridge, the driver only needs to carry out a simple card swipe action according to the traffic light instructions, the cargo name, bill of lading number, weight, vehicle number and other information are automatically collected and generated, 15 seconds to complete the measurement and weighing. Significantly reduce labor costs, improve the efficiency of trucks in and out, and enhance economic efficiency.

The Port One Card is a major information system construction project of Kuantan Port, relying on the information platform, connected with the unmanned (automatic) weighbridge system, realizing the integration of truck, driver and cargo data collection, electronic data of goods in and out of the warehouse, intelligent management data statistics, promoting the transformation of the supervision and management mode of goods in and out of the port to modern information management.