Kazakhstan’s wheat export price rises 32% in a year

International Business News  –  Kazakhstan Agriculture Network news, according to the statistics of the Kazakh website Energyprom, from January to the end of July this year Kazakhstan exported 3.3 million tons of wheat and mixed wheat (meslin , a grain made from a mixture of wheat and rye), the value of exports amounted to $ 1 billion, physical exports grew by 3.2% and the value of exports grew by 40.4%.

Most of the products were exported to the CIS countries: 2.3 million tons – an increase of 3% compared to the same period last year. The largest export volumes were to Uzbekistan (1.5 million tons), Tajikistan (416,000 tons) and Turkmenistan (217,900 tons).

1 million tons of wheat were exported to non-CIS countries, up 3.6% year-on-year. The largest export destination country was Iran with 458,900 tons, an annual increase of 34.2%. The top 3 exporting countries also include Afghanistan (267.3 thousand tons) and Italy (151.2 thousand tons).

At the end of July 2022, the export delivered price of wheat and mixed wheat rose by 10.1% for the month, 14.5% from the beginning of the year and 32.1% year-on-year. Prices including exports to the CIS countries rose 11% in the monthly trend and 8.4% in other countries. Prices rose 35.4 percent in the annual trend for CIS countries and 23 percent for other countries.

The FAO Cereal Price Index averaged 145.2 points in August this year, 2.1 points lower than the July indicator. However, it is still 14.8 points back from the August 2021 level. International wheat prices fell 5.1% in August and continued to fall for the third consecutive month year-on-year, due to increased production in Canada, the United States and Russia. Seasonal supply increases also played a role in Northern Hemisphere countries, where harvesting continues and exports resumed from Ukrainian Black Sea ports after more than five months of disruption.

Wheat sown across Kazakhstan reached 12.9 million hectares this year, up 0.2% year-on-year. In terms of administrative regions, Akmola Oblast traditionally has the largest planted area: 4.1 million hectares, an annual increase of 2.8%. The top three regions in terms of planted area also include Kostanai Oblast (3.5 million hectares, down 3% annually) and North Kazakhstan Oblast (2.4 million hectares, up 0.2% annually).

The wheat harvest is in full swing in Kazakhstan and wheat prices are falling, Khabar24 reported.