January-August industrial output of Kazakhstan amounted to 32.1270 trillion tenge

International Business News  –  According to Kazakhstan News Agency, data from the National Bureau of Statistics of Kazakhstan shows that from January to August 2022, the industrial production index of Kazakhstan was 102.5%, and the industrial output value reached 32.1270 trillion tenge. Among them, the output value of mining and quarrying industry was 16.9870 trillion tenge, accounting for 52.9% of the total industrial output value; the output value of processing industry was 13.4180 trillion tenge, accounting for 41.8%.

During the reporting period, non-ferrous metals (105.1%), coal (102.2%), beverages (107.5%), tobacco (115.4%), chemicals (111.8%), metallurgy (105.1%), rubber and plastic products (105.1%), As well as machinery and equipment and other metal products (102.4%) production increased compared to the same period last year.