Kazakhstan companies sell $137.7 million in goods through Alibaba platform

International Business News  –  This year, companies in Kazakhstan sold 137.7 million dollars of goods through Alibaba e-commerce platform.

Kazakhstan’s first e-commerce forum opened in the capital on the 8th, the topic of which was the development of Internet trade. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Integration of the Government of Kazakhstan Sezhek Zhumankharin delivered a speech at the forum.

The Minister said that in 2019, the share of e-trade in Kazakhstan is 3.7%, and in 2021 the indicator reaches 9.6%. The indicator shows that consumers want to save time and optimize the process of buying goods and services. From the business point of view, online shopping expands the range of sales and reduces costs.

According to it, today Kazakh companies have full access to such world trade platforms as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Wildberries, etc.

“This year, Kazakhstan opened its country pavilion on Alibaba trade platform. As a result, 130 Kazakh companies have gained the possibility to sell more than 7,500 goods through the platform. The total value of goods sold by these companies through the Alibaba platform amounted to 137.7 million USD. Through its privileged location, Kazakhstan has the potential to become a reliable transit hub and play a leading role in global trade and e-commerce,” he said.