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International Business News  –  Gazprom Neft said on February 2 that the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline will be completely shut down due to the discovery of several equipment failures until they are eliminated.

Gazprom said in a post on its social media accounts that it had discovered several oil leaks during a joint inspection of the turbines at the Poltovaya gas pressure station with representatives of Siemens. The Siemens representative signed the inspection report.

Gazprom said that the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Energy Supervision warned that the detected equipment failures and damage made it impossible to operate the turbines safely and without problems, making it necessary to take appropriate measures and suspend their operation. In addition, similar oil leaks were detected in three turbines that had previously undergone major repairs, and these turbines are now in a state of mandatory shutdown. Siemens said that only a professional repair company can completely eliminate the oil leak.

Gazprom announced at the end of August that gas supply to the Nord Stream-1 pipeline would be suspended from August 31 to September 3 due to repairs to the only turbine still in operation at the Poltovaya gas pressure station. After the completion of the repair work, the Nord Stream-1 pipeline will be resumed in case of no technical failures.

After Gazprom announced that the Nord Stream-1 pipeline will be completely stopped, the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection issued a statement on the 2nd, saying that the current situation in the gas market is very tight, but the gas supply in Germany is still guaranteed. Germany’s gas storage facilities reserves have reached 84.3%, the October storage capacity of 85% of the target is expected to be achieved in early September.

In mid-June, Gazprom reduced gas supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream-1 pipeline by nearly 60% to no more than 67 million cubic meters per day on the grounds that Siemens had not returned the turbine it had sent for repair. “On July 27, another turbine was shut down at the Nord Stream-1 pressure station in Porto Vaya. “The daily gas supply of the Nord Stream-1 pipeline dropped from 67 million cubic meters to 33 million cubic meters.

“The Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline was completed in 2011 and runs from Vyborg, Russia, to Germany via the Baltic Sea. “Nord Stream-1 is currently the main Russian gas pipeline to Europe.

After the extension of the “cut-off” of Russian gas, the German economy ministry spokesman said that the German gas supply is guaranteed.

Germany’s gas supply is secure despite the extension of the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline by Russian energy giant Gazprom, fuelling fears of shortages this winter, AFP reported in Berlin on February 2.

A spokeswoman for the German economy ministry said in a statement, “The situation on the gas market is tight, but security of supply is guaranteed.”

The spokeswoman did not comment on the “substance” of Gazprom’s announcement earlier today, but said Germany “has seen over the past few weeks that Russia is unreliable,” according to the report.