Kazakhstan imports 2,000 tons of horse meat annually

International Business News  –  According to TradeReport.kz statistics, Kazakhstan enterprises produce 4000 tons of horse meat per year and households produce about 20,000 tons of horse meat. In addition, 2000-2500 tons of frozen horse meat are imported annually, mainly from Uruguay, Argentina, Russia and Mongolia.

The share of imported horse meat in Kazakhstan’s market consumption is 7-10%, which is usually used in meat processing plants to produce canned food or sausages. About 70 percent (1,700 tons) of the horsemeat imported into Kazakhstan is supplied to the Western Kazakhstan region, which is home to Kubley, a large producer of canned meat products. The remaining 19 percent, or 466 tons, is imported to Almaty and 9 percent to East Kazakhstan, which imported 211 tons of horsemeat in 2021.

The main reason for the purchase of imported raw materials by Albanian meat processors is the price, with Kazakhstan importing horse meat at an average of several $2.40 per kilogram or 1100-1200 tenge.