The three ports of Myanmar and Thailand aquatic exports exceeded $ 53 million

International Business News  –  The person in charge of the Myanmar Fisheries Bureau stated that there are three border trade ports in Drindayi Province, two of which are land ports and the other is a water port. At present, Myanmar’s aquatic products are mainly exported to Thailand from these three ports, and the export revenue exceeded 53 million US dollars in the four months of this fiscal year.

According to reports, during the four-month period, the export value of Tik port was 10.14 million US dollars; the export of aquatic products at Mengdu port exceeded 900,000 US dollars; the export of Gaodang port exceeded 42 million US dollars, totaling 53.04 million US dollars.

At present, the Myanmar Fisheries Federation and the Fisheries Department are working together to ensure the normal export of aquatic products.

During the same period in the last fiscal year (2020-21), Myanmar could export more than 700 tons of aquatic products through the Myanmar-Thailand border ports on average every day during the fishing season, with an export potential of more than 84,000 tons in four months. Compared with the same period in the transition fiscal year of the previous fiscal year (2021-2022), the export of aquatic products in this fiscal year is still low.