China Railway Express “runs” a new record

International Business News  –  In the past, there were camel bells on the Silk Road, and now there are China-EU trains with endless engines. In response to the expansion of Sino-European investment and trade, with the continuous promotion of the “Belt and Road” initiative and growing, under the epidemic, China-European Liner again “run” a new record: the number of July exceeded the 1,500 mark for the first time, 27 consecutive months The number of “thousand trains per month”.

In a special press conference held by the National Development and Reform Commission on August 18, Xu Jianping, director of the Open Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the China-European Liner has become an important bridge for international economic and trade cooperation.

Guarantee the stability of supply chain of international industry chain

TCL, Dell, Lenovo, Geely, Volvo …… In the case of obstruction of sea and air transportation, China-Europe Classical Train and a large number of enterprises cooperate to operate “customized train” to provide full logistics and transportation solutions. This year, the “customized trains” have run a total of 1,150, effectively guaranteeing the stability of the international industry chain supply chain.

“The China-Europe Class Train has built a new all-weather, high-capacity, green and low-carbon land transport channel, which is a major innovation of the international transport service system.” Xu Jianping introduced that the transport price of China-European Liner is 1/5 of aviation, and the running time is 1/4 of maritime transport, which is less affected by natural environment and has high stability, and is very attractive to products with certain volume scale and high requirement of timeliness.

Under the multiple challenges, China-European Liner “ran” a counter-trend upward curve: in 2020, the start of the breakthrough 10,000 columns, up to 12,406 columns; 2021, 15,183 columns.

In the face of the new pneumonia epidemic, the China-Europe Express has given full play to the advantages of international railroad intermodal transport “sectional transport” and less contact with people, and made every effort to undertake the transfer of cargo by sea and air. By the end of July this year, CEB has shipped 14.2 million pieces and 109,000 tons of epidemic prevention materials to Europe, which has become a “life-way” for international cooperation against epidemic.

After the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, countries along the China-European Liner cooperated with each other to resist the risk and achieved the “non-stop”, “strong timeliness” and “stable growth” of the China-European Liner. From January to July this year, 8,990 China-European Liner trains were operated, carrying 869,000 TEU of goods, maintaining the level of “1,000 trains per month” for 27 consecutive months.

“It is because the China-Europe train has become a veritable international public product that it continues to show strong development resilience and growth potential.” Xu Jianping said.

Effectively promote economic and trade cooperation along the route

At the beginning of its operation, the China-Europe Classical Train mainly transported cell phones, computers and other IT products, but now the cargo categories have been expanded to 53 categories and more than 50,000 varieties, including clothing, shoes and hats, automobiles and accessories, grain, wine, coffee beans and timber, covering all aspects of production and life of people in countries and regions along the route.

The China-Europe Class Train is an important carrier for deepening cooperation between China and the countries along the route. By the end of July this year, the China-Europe Class Train has paved 82 transport routes, reaching 196 cities in 24 European countries, and the transport service network covers the whole territory of Europe, forming an international transport artery through the Eurasian continent.

Xia Jun, deputy director of the supervision department of the General Administration of Customs, introduced that in the first half of this year, China’s import and export with the 24 countries connected to the China-Europe Classical Train 3.45 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.3%; the import and export value accounted for about 17.4% of the total value of China’s foreign trade imports and exports in the same period. “The operation of the China-European Liner has played a positive role in promoting economic and trade exchanges between China and related countries, especially the countries connected to the China-European Liner.” Xia Jun said.

The China-Europe Class Train is also an important support to promote regional economic development. After the operation of the China-Europe Class Train, the export-oriented industries of Zhengzhou and Chongqing, Henan Province and other cities have achieved an average annual growth of about 30%. Cities such as Lodz, Poland, and Duisburg, Germany, have seen their international logistics hubs continue to rise, with locally produced specialty products sold in large quantities to China on the China-European Liner.

“The rapid development of the China-Europe Classical Train has strongly promoted policy communication, facility connection and smooth trade among countries along the route, driven capital integration and people-to-people contact, and promoted the interconnection of Asia and Europe.” Xu Jianping said.

Continuously enhancing international influence

On June 8, 2016, China Railway officially launched the unified brand of China-EU Liner, with the unified brand and logo of China-EU Liner issued from many places in the country at the same time, China-EU Liner has entered the “fast track” of unified and standardized, win-win cooperation and healthy and sustainable development.

Zhuang He, director of freight department of National Railway Group, introduced that with the joint efforts of all parties, the China-Europe Class Train has entered the stage of standardized and large-scale development, and the quality of operation has been continuously improved to help build “One Belt, One Road” with high quality, and the effect is increasingly prominent. This is an increase of nearly 5 times in 3 years.

In addition, in response to the actual needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, new business models and new modes such as “China-Europe Class Train + cross-border e-commerce” and “China-Europe Class Train + international mail” are developing rapidly, which not only help the smooth flow of goods, but also provide strong support for the stable development of foreign trade. In the future, in what areas will the China-European Express further breakthrough?

Xu Jianping introduced, will focus on the theme of high-quality development, around the “consolidation and stability to enhance” the main line of work, co-ordinate the relevant work: focus on strengthening the Sino-European train facilities to ensure the capacity. The focus will be on bottleneck sections and congested ports, and actively promote the upgrading of domestic “neck” sections of the China-European Liner and the expansion of key port stations, and actively expand the operation of new channels with Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, West Asia and other countries; focus on improving the quality and efficiency of the China-European Liner. Will continue to optimize the organization of transport, and vigorously expand the return cargo sources, and promote the intensive and efficient use of transport resources. We will enrich the brand connotation from various aspects, such as operation efficiency, service quality, innovation ability and brand culture, to further expand and strengthen the China-European Liner and continuously enhance its international influence.