Hainan’s first batch of international intermodal cargo “goes to sea” to Kazakhstan

International Business News  –  New Hainan client, the South China Sea Network, South China Metropolis News August 26 news, 24 2:30, Hainan issued the first batch of international intermodal cargo arrived at Horgos State Border Station, 23:07 the same day from the State Border Station outbound, sent to Kazakhstan. This is July 26 at 21:48 from the Haikou section of the Haikou South Station shipment issued by the container full of double-sided copper paper cargo. Hainan’s first batch of international intermodal transport goods abroad, for Hainan materials “to the sea” to provide a more convenient and economic integrated logistics solutions of the whole chain.

With the first batch of international intermodal cargo issued on July 26, Haikou South Station on August 13, August 25 shipped two batches of goods to Khorgos State Border Station. A number of international intermodal cargo successfully issued to expand the new channel of trade in Hainan, multimodal transport to deepen the development of a useful exploration for the future of Hainan’s multi-directional international intermodal transport business laid a solid foundation.

The station is responsible for the introduction, in Haikou South Station using the railroad shipment only need to complete a short barge at the departure end, it can be directly to the national border station. The shipper of the first international intermodal transport business said that the railroad international intermodal transport mode compared with the sea mode, the whole transport without turnover, effectively solve the current logistics turnaround time is long, comprehensive logistics costs and other problems. Compared with the previous sea transport from the port, and then transferred to the foreign railroad transport transit, now much more convenient.