Malaysia promotes digital development

International Business News  –  The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) chief executive said that since the spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) outbreak, Malaysia has made a strong push for digital development to reduce the need for an otherwise scarce foreign labor force.

At the launch of the Malaysia Digital Initiative (MD), the executive shared about his ambition to build a more qualified and skilled indigenous labor force. He will prioritize training local human resources rather than relying on foreign labor.

The CEO of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation also said that MD was established to encourage and attract businesses, talents and investment capital, and to create conditions for Malaysian businesses and people to take a leading position in the global digital economy.

As such, the initiative aims to address three strategic priorities, including: promoting the adoption of digital technologies by young entrepreneurs, companies and individuals; supporting homegrown tech companies to play a leading role in the domestic market while succeeding on the international stage; attracting high-value digital Investment funds.